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Little Tikes Pink Trampoline

Little Tikes has been providing parents with more than adequate toys for many years. From handheld toys to rocking horses, to cars, to basketball hoops! Little Tikes has a large array of options for your child’s interest.  Today we look at the Little Tikes pink trampoline.

One item of Little Tikes that is raved about is their trampolines! Keep reading to learn more about the Little Tikes pink trampoline and why you might need one for your household!

We were not able to find an actual Little Tikes trampoline in pink.  There appears to be some knock offs in pink but not a brand name.

Who is it For and Why Would You Need It?

little tikes trampoline imageIf you’ve got a little one that seems to have an abundance of energy, then you might consider purchasing a toy that can keep them entertained for hours. The Little Tikes pink trampoline is perfect for families with energetic children.   (Even in Blue!)  If your child loves to jump on the furniture or climb up cabinets, they may need a trampoline to burn off some energy.

Little Tikes manufactures trampolines of all different shapes and sizes. This specific trampoline is three feet, just the right size for toddlers and young children. The weight limit is 180 pounds. With that being said, even the older kids can enjoy it!

Parents will also be happy to know that each foot has rubber feet. The rubber feet reduce the amount of noise and protect the floor from scratches.

All About the Little Tikes Trampoline

Each Little Tikes trampoline comes with a handlebar for jumping assistance. As a safety feature, the handlebar is intended to help little children with balance and protection. According to Little Tikes, the trampoline is a way for kids to practice concentration and coordination.

In addition to the handlebar, the diameter of the trampoline is covered in a round foam pad. The foam pad prevents children from having fingers and toes pinched or caught in the metal springs or elastic bands.

Can Little Tikes trampoline go outside?

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space for a large trampoline, this is also a replacement option. It is intended for indoor use. The small diameter of three feet makes it the perfect size for a living room corner or a playroom.  You can bring this outside but you should not leave it out in the elements.

What is the age limit for a Little Tikes trampoline?

The trampoline is for ages 3-6.

What Do Other People Say About It?

While there aren’t any reviews specifically for the pink trampoline, reviews are abundant for the blue trampoline! With close to 25,500 reviews, the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline has a rating of 4.7 out of 5! There are both positive and negative reviews. Consider reading what other parents and guardians think before purchasing!

Positive Reviews

“Little Tikes mechanical engineers deserve a hat tip here–4 reasons:

  1. The trampoline comes pre-built and unfolds. MIND BLOWN!
  2. 5 legs easily screw onto protected, painted, threaded lugs. Non-slip rubber feet snap on. 3. Support bar is built into the legs; padded cross bar is attached w/ 2 screws. Loves to swing from it! 4. 15 min. Assembly time! My 2-year old grandson is going to wear himself out before this Little Tikes trampoline even blinks! Really a high-quality product. Purchased two: one for his home & one for ours! Let’s BoUnCe!”

“Our toddler has been rigorously using it for over a year now. Thousands of stomps, jumps, falls and friends doing the same later and it is still strong, sturdy and bouncier than ever. I find it to be sturdy and if things get a bit rattly its probably due for a bit of tightening which is totally normal with daily jumping. Have had it for a year and had to tighten it once no biggie.”

“Perfect size for toddlers! My son is 2 years old and he has plenty of room to jump around now and will have plenty of room to “grow” into for years. Assembly was easy and came with all the necessary tools. The hardened part was pulling the trampoline halves apart, and holding it down to put the screws in it. Much easier if two people assemble, which it does call for. Trampoline definitely seems sturdy and my child has only stopped jumping on it long enough to eat and sleep.”

Negative Reviews

“This item is not safe for children. If they hold the bar and bounce forward, the entire trampoline tips up in the back. Also, bouncing loosens the leg that holds the bar, so it slowly gets more and more jiggly. I am shocked at this design and as someone who wanted a safe alternative to the bed, Id rather have her bouncing there.”

“I don’t know how this trampoline gets such good ratings. The guard that goes around the sides to keep your kid from getting stuck never stays. On top of that the hand rail came off, a couple of times already (it’s only a month old), while my son was jumping on it! I have to keep tightening the screws but they look like they will soon be stripped. All the safety features are severely lacking. I reached out to the company, and they didn’t even care to get back to me.”

“Horrible, absolutely horrible product. This is an order to replace the first one that had the legs stripped out like multiple reviews stated. The second trampoline had all of the legs but missing one of the legs needed for the handle so it has to be returned again. Also found multiple metal burrs in the threads for the legs, my guess is if I put it together I would have the same issue, again. I am going to ask for a refund rather than a replacement.”

In Conclusion

little tikes trampoline image 1How do you know if the Little Tikes trampoline is for the little one in your life? Consider their energy level, available space, their weight, and their love for interactive toys! Because the weight limit is high for a children’s toy, you can be assured that your child can enjoy this trampoline for many years!

If you have an energetic child with a spacious playroom, this could make the perfect gift from any family member or friend.

Will you purchase the Little Tikes trampoline? Let us know if this review helped you!


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