Kinetic Sand Castle Kit

Finding toys and activities for children’s busy hands can be difficult for any parent! It is a parent’s dream to keep their children occupied and have them learning while they do it.  Today we’ll dig into the Kinetic Sand castle kit.

For many parents and babysitters, this can be a daunting task. Many toys and activities do not provide adequate learning or engagement. Likewise, other toys can be too advanced for children.

When you are trying to keep your child engaged and access their learning abilities, there are a few toys and activities to try.

For example, the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit. The Kinetic Sand Castle Kit is sculptable play sand for children; this kit encourages sensory play and creativity.

Want to know more about sensory play? Keep reading to see if the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit is perfect for the children in your life!


What Is It?

Sensory play is any activity or object that engages an individual’s senses; such as sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Many parents are encouraged to introduce sensory play into their child’s daily habits.

If various sensory play is presented to a child, they can build nerve connections that further develop the brain. Sensory play is essential for brain development and growth.

Why Is It Important?

Sensory play is extremely important for a child’s mind and development. By introducing sensory play, you are presenting new ideas and thought processes.

Engaging in sensory play creates new and unfounded reactions to stimuli in a young mind. Not only does it introduce new ideas, but it further develops problem-solving abilities.

How Can You Incorporate It?

You can incorporate sensory play in many different ways. Bright colors and new patterns can engage the sense of sight. Things such as animal sounds and songs can develop their hearing. When presented with diverse foods and drinks, a child engages in textures and tastes.

Incorporating sensory play is as simple as changing a child’s environment and introducing new toys and activities. Kinetic sand is a great sensory tool for creativity, sense of touch, and thinking abilities.


All About It

Kinetic sand is a type of sand that can be molded and sculpted into different shapes. This sand is squeezable and fluffy. It is a texture, unlike normal sand. With kinetic sand, children can craft whatever they want without the hassle of the beach and seawater.

Kinetic Sand describes their creative sand product as the following, “fluff the sensory toy sand, feel it flow through fingers like slow-moving liquid! Satisfying oozes, moves, and melts!”


KINETIC SAND CASTLE KIT image 1Kinetic sand is a great sensory play tool for children; it can develop social and emotional capabilities. The fluffy sand has a calming and relaxing effect on many of its users. Children can make the connection between the satisfying texture and their mood.

Not only does it aid in social and emotional development, but physical coordination as well! Kinetic sand allows children to bring their ideas to life. By molding, moving, and building, children can increase their mobility and hand-eye coordination.

Children are also able to be as creative as they wish! By using kinetic sand, they can create and invent original sculptures. Keep reading below to learn how the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit is the ultimate creative sensory play tool!


The Sand

The Kinetic Sand Castle Kit comes with all-natural sand. The sand is 100% free of casein, gluten, and wheat. Those that have dangerous allergies to these items do not have to worry.

Not only does it not contain major allergens, but it is also nontoxic. This hypoallergenic sand is safe for making crafts and getting your hands dirty.

With the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit, you receive ten pounds of Kinetic Sand! With 10 lbs of Kinetic Sand, you can be sure that your child will enjoy the endless amount of fun. The ten pounds of Kinetic Sand is divided into three colors: blue, brown, and green.

Each kit comes with one pound of blue, one pound of green, and eight pounds of brown sand; this allows children to imitate land, sea, and beach. However, these colors can be used for many other creations when you use your imagination.

The Sandbox and Tools

KINETIC SAND CASTLE KIT image 2The Kinetic Sand Castle Kit comes with its sandbox. This sandbox is three feet long and portable! When your child wants to play with their Kinetic Sand, unfold the sandbox and add the sand; this makes playing and cleaning easier for both the child and the parent!

Not only does the folding sandbox make it easy to store, but easy to travel with as well! Parents and babysitters can simply pack their sand castle kit in preparation for rainy days, vacations, or show-and-tell!

In addition to the giant sandbox, this kit comes with ten castle-themed molds and tools. With these tools, your child can build many things for their castle! Your child can build castles, rivers, bridges, moats, towers, walls, and so much more.

Things Included

Each castle kit comes with many accessories to accompany the sand and sandbox! Each kit comes with the following items:

  • 1 lb of Blue Sand
  • 1 lb of Green Sand
  • 8 lbs of Brown Sand
  • 10 Multi-Use Molds and Tools
    • Rake / Sand Cutter
    • Shovel / Scooper
    • Steps
    • Walls
    • Bucket
    • Various Building Molds
  • 1 Catapult
  • A Dragon Character
  • The Folding Super Sandbox
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

With all of this included with your Kinetic Sand Castle Kit, you can be sure that your kid will love it!


The Kinetic Sand Castle Kit is great for many reasons. For one, it is an excellent form of sensory play. The Kinetic Sand Castle Kit allows the child to experience different textures and colors. It also invites them to engage in creative play. Children are able to use their imaginations to conjure up ideas and plans for their sandcastles.

By using the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit, children can improve their problem-solving abilities, thought-processing abilities, and hand-eye coordination abilities.  Here’s some more cool things to do with kinetic sand.

Thankfully, the Kinetic Sand Castle Kit includes nontoxic, hypoallergenic sand meaning that it can make a great gift for any child in your life. The manufacturing recommended age for kinetic sand is 36 months to 12 years old.

Does your child love Kinetic Sand? Tell us who you will give a Kinetic Sand Castle Kit!

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