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Wooden Ride on Toys for 1 Year Olds

Wooden ride on toys for 1 year olds are one of the best ways to entertain your toddler! These toys are also great for enhancing a variety of developmental skills. Toddlers love them because their simple, safe, and super fun! Your kiddo will have a blast riding around the house while you cook dinner, so let’s explain why!

What are Wooden Ride-On Toys?

wooden ride on toys for 1 year olds image 2Wooden ride on toys for 1 year olds are toys that your child can sit on and play with. They are wooden (hence the name) and are typically moveable in some way. For example, they may be on wheels, or they may be able to rock back and forth. Sometimes they can even bounce up and down in place if they have the spring mechanics to do so!

These kinds of toys originated in the 1800’s when parents would hand make these toys for their kids. To this day they are one of the most popular play toys for 1 year olds for a wide variety of reasons discussed further into the article.

 Are Wooden Ride-On Toys Motorized?

These kinds of toys are not motorized. They do not have any electronic mechanisms in place either. This may make them sound boring, but 1 year olds love them! They like their simplicity, and this simplicity helps enhance their imagination skills! So, although they do not have a motor, they’re just as much fun!

Their lack of a motor also makes them easier to maintain, store, and use anywhere! They can be indoors or outdoors (so long as it isn’t rainy or wet out!).

 Can 1 Year Olds Use Wooden Ride-On Toys?

There are plenty of wooden ride on toys for 1-year olds on the market today! In fact, wooden ride on toys are meant for toddler-aged kids. This is due to their simplicity and their design. Wooden ride on toys are smooth, small, and easy to get on and off of. Many of them have handles for additional help with maneuvering the toy as well. They’re perfect for 1-year olds learning to balance or enhance their imagination!

 What are Wooden Ride-On Toys Good For?

wooden ride on toys for 1 year olds imageTheir purpose is to enhance several development facets. For example, their fine motor skills are enhanced by having to hold onto handles. Their gross motor skills can also come into play if there’s a steering mechanism involved (this is also great for their depth of field!). Additionally, wooden ride on toys for 1 year olds are fantastic for imagination development and even cognitive thinking.

Pending the toys, they’re also phenomenal at enhancing balancing skills and even vocalizations as they have to ask for help if they get stuck or do something they find exciting!

What Kinds of Wooden Ride-On Toys for 1 Year Olds are There?

There are dozens of different kinds of wooden ride on toys for 1-year olds! You’ll want to find a wooden ride on toy that you know your little one will find interesting. However, keep in mind that this is going to be new to them, so they may not seem excited at first. You’ll have to show them how to use it!

The most popular wooden ride on toys include:

  • Rocking horses
  • Horses with wheels
  • Bicycles with wheels instead of pedals
  • Wooden cars with wheels and a place for feet to move the vehicle
  • Sit n’ steers in various animals or even bees!

These are the most popular wooden ride on toys for 1-year olds that you’ll find on the market today. You may however see some more unique options such as wooden tricycles without pedals or even wooden unicorns!

 Are They Safe?

Wooden ride on toys are perfectly safe for your 1-year-old! They are specifically designed for toddlers so their functionality will not lead to harm. However, this is only if the toys are used correctly.

Wooden ride on toys are meant to be just that, ride on toys. They aren’t for standing, kneeling, pushing around really fast, etc. Your toddler should be sitting on the toy and holding on to the handles with their feel flat on the ground.

They are built to be low to the ground so that if you child does fall off, they aren’t falling far! The handlebars aren’t so large that your kiddo can’t grip them, but they are large enough to support a solid grip. Some handlebars even come with rubber grippers to ensure they can hold on tight.

The toys should not be used to go fast down hills, nor should they go through wet or muddy terrain. They are primarily meant for indoor use but can be used outside on dry concrete.

 How do I Teach my 1-Year-Old to Use a Wooden Ride-On Toy?

Some toddlers may not seem interested in their wooden ride on toy at first. This is likely just because they don’t understand it yet. If this is their first time ever seeing one, it may be intimidating (or appear boring). This is where you come in!

It’s your job to teach your 1-year-old how to use a wooden ride on toy and there are a few ways that you can do this.

  • Have them watch a video of a toddler on it while your kiddo is sitting on their ride on toy. They’ll likely begin trying to imitate what they see.
  • If you have older kids, have them demonstrate for your 1-year-old.
  • Slowly acclimate your toddler to the toy. Place them on it yourself and push them around. Then maybe move their feet for them and have them try. Eventually they will do it on their own.
  • Leave them to it! Place them on the wooden ride on toy and just let them figure it out! They’re very smart and this will enhance their problem-solving skills and their imagination!

Final Thoughts

Wooden ride on toys for 1-year olds are an incredible way to enhance your child’s development in a fun way. 1-year olds love to ride around the house on their bike or pony. These toys help grow your child’s imagination and enhance cognitive development all while having fun! Be sure to teach them how to use the wooden ride on toy and give them time. New toys can be intimating, but they’re also so much fun!

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6 Volt Ride on Toys for Toddlers

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your toddlers’ developmental skills, 6 volt ride on toys for toddlers may be your new favorite option! These toys are designed to help enhance your kiddos gross motor and cognitive skill sets, as well as a few others. They’re also just incredibly fun for toddlers and give them a look at the world around them in a whole new way!

Let’s break down exactly what 6-volt ride on toys are, how they’re beneficial, and what kinds you can get!

What are 6 Volt Ride-On Toys?

6 Volt Ride on Toys for Toddlers ImageSix-volt ride-on toys refers to any toy that toddlers can ride on that requires a 6-volt battery to work. These toys often mimic real-life objects like cars or trucks. Their purpose is to allow your toddler to enhance various skills through the use of a ride on play toy!

Sometimes, the 6-volt ride on toy for toddlers will come with a battery. However, this isn’t always the case. You can purchase a 6-volt battery though for a reasonable price and install it yourself if need be. The battery often comes charged, but if it doesn’t, the ride on toy should explain to you how to charge it if need be.

Are 6 Volt Ride-On Toys Good for Toddlers?

Toddlers love 6-volt ride on toys! They are a fantastic option for any young kiddo. There are of course ride on toys that are better than others, but the age requirements are always listed on the box. You’ll want to be sure you’re purchasing a ride on toy that’s meant for toddlers, otherwise it may be too complicated.

That being said, 6-volt ride on toys are good for toddlers! They allow your child to enhance their gross motor skills and other developmental assets. Since most ride on toys come in the form of cars or trucks, your child gets the opportunity to play in ways they typically don’t. They’ll learn how to steer properly, focusing on their depth perception as well as hand-eye coordination. They’ll also strengthen their leg muscles as they move their foot on and off the break and learn about varying pressures. For example, pressing the gas harder makes them go faster and vice versa.

These kinds of toys can keep a toddler entertained for hours; just be sure you are watching them while they play so they don’t steer into any areas they shouldn’t! The last thing you need is your kiddo trying to become a regular part of traffic!

What are Some 6 Volt Ride-On Toys for Toddlers?

Six Volt Ride on Toys for Toddlers ImageThere are numerous toy companies on the market who make 6-volt ride on toys for toddlers. Most of them make very similar kinds of ride on toys as well! The most popular kinds of 6-volt ride on toys include:

  • Ride on trucks
  • Cars
  • Four-wheelers
  • Ride on bikes

These are the most common types of 6-volt ride on toys that you’ll come across. However, there are some unique options like ride on spaceships or ride on ponies!

Are 6 Volt Ride-On Toys Safe?

Ride on toys for toddlers are absolutely safe so long at they are used properly, and your child is of age. It’s recommended that kids don’t start using ride on toys until they are 2 years old. This is because they need the grip strength to be able to hold onto the handles without falling off.

Some ride on toys do come with seat belts to help ensure toddler safety, which is a great advantage! Make sure you are purchasing a 6-volt ride on toy for toddlers if that’s the age of your kiddo. Purchasing one for older kids will likely be too big, too loud, and too complicated for your little one to maneuver. It could also just be very intimidating for them.

Additionally, it’s important that you are constantly monitoring your toddler when they are using their ride on toy. This is especially true if your toddler is new to this kind of stimulation. It can be overwhelming and confusing at first. Walk them through how to use it. If they have any older siblings, have them use it first for a visual demonstration. You could also show your child a video of someone using the toy for the same effect. Do it with them a few times so they feel comfortable and always encourage them when they succeed!

You want to reiterate everything they’re doing right on their ride on. For example, when they’re holding on, say “I love how you’re holding onto the handlebars!” instead of just “good job!”. This will inform them that holding the handlebars is good and reinforce that behavior and their safety on the ride on toy.

How Fast Does a 6 Volt Ride on Toy Go?

This depends on who made the ride on toy. However, the majority of them have a max speed of about 3 miles per hour. They’re very slow toys, but to a toddler, it’s likely that it feels as if they’re flying down the highway! They’re perfectly safe and your child will never be able to go fast enough for you to have to chase after them. In fact, you can probably briskly walk along side of them!

Where Should My Toddler Use Their 6-Volt Ride-On Toy?

Toddlers can use their ride on car, truck, or four-wheeler on any solid ground. They often work best on concrete, such as driveways or non-busy streets. However, pending the brand, they may also work on damp grass or mildly muddy terrain.

It could be fun to take your kiddo around the block on their ride on toy. Allow them to ride on the sidewalk while you walk beside them. You could take them in the street so long as they stay on your inside and it is not a busy street! If you want to test out some backroads, feel free, just be prepared to have to push them through the tough spots!

Final Thoughts

6-volt ride on toys for toddlers are a phenomenal new way to teach your child to play! They promote coordination, depth of field, cognitive thinking, and gross motor enhancement. These toys often come in the form of a car, truck, or four-wheeler in a variety of colors! Just be sure you are purchasing a 6-volt ride on toy that’s meant for toddlers and not an older child. Additionally, monitor your kiddo while they’re on it, especially when its new! They’re sure to love to their new toy once they get the hang of it!

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