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Places to Have Kids Birthday Party

For some planning parties and events, come as easy as breathing. For others, planning is a hassle beyond compare. When it comes to planning a birthday party, it can be stressful for even the most organized individual.  Let’s look at some places to have kids birthday party.

Many variables must be considered before beginning the planning process. For example, you must consider the child’s age and interests. Also, consider what locations are accessible and any budget restrictions. Younger children may enjoy birthdays with lots of movement and a busy environment. Dissimilarly, older children may enjoy birthdays without overbearing parents and in a more relaxed setting.

places to have kids birthday party image 1You must also assess the interests and personality of the birthday girl or boy. Most extroverted kids love attention so they will enjoy a more interactive birthday party. Introverted kids will more than likely enjoy a casual birthday party.

After you make notes of the age and personality, consider your location and your budget. For the purpose of this helpful article, all suggestions can be found in the majority of U.S states. Where these locations are not found, there will be a similar replacement.

How much do you spend on a child’s birthday party?  Budget can play a large role in deciding the locale for your child’s birthday party. Many venues offer birthday party packages, which can save you money! By choosing a birthday party package, places will offer food, drinks, decorations, and more. Not every venue will offer a party package, so consider wisely what you want to spend your money on and what you want to be provided.

Keep reading to find the perfect places to have kids birthday party!


In most cities, you are bound to find at least one bowling alley. The first indoor bowling alley was built in 1840! Since then, they have not lost their charm yet. Many love bowling because it is accessible to all ages. Younger children can enjoy bowling while using bumpers (to avoid unnecessary gutter balls), assisted racks (to increase the ball’s momentum for little children), and lighter balls (for those that can’t lift heavier ones).

When bowling, you can choose to go for an evening to enjoy glow-in-the-dark bowling. Evening bowling is illuminated under a black light, adding an extra flair to the already fun game.

Many bowling alleys offer more than just bowling games. Popular alleys, such as AMF, have game rooms and laser tag arenas! Arcades add a little more interaction for those that aren’t into the athletics of bowling. Laser tag is another fun addition for any older child in the family.

Be aware that some bowling alleys do not permit outside food. Thankfully, they do have concession stands! You can bring in cake and accessories if it is approved ahead of time.


Bounce houses have quickly risen in popularity. More times than not, families would rent bounce houses by the hour and have them delivered to their homes for a fee. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about making space or supervising. You can simply reserve a day at a Bounce House Party Place. Bounce House Party Places are specifically designed for birthdays and celebrations. While there isn’t a single, nationally known party place, you can find local options in your state.

Bounce houses are great for elementary-age children because it is interactive, and there is lots of space for movement. The biggest issue to worry about is the height restriction and physical ailments. For example, children in casts are not allowed because they could hurt themselves.

Many places allow you to rent the entirety of the venue, and they offer supervision. You should be allowed to bring your own cakes, and many sites will sell food such as pizza, sandwich trays, snacks, etc.


While Chuck E. Cheese was once a party place of the past, it continues on as a fantastic option for birthdays. With 612 locations in 47 states, Chuck E. Cheese is likely to be found near you.

Chuck E. Cheese contains a jungle gym, automated band, and a giant arcade with chances to win prizes. Every game you play gives you tickets that you can later turn into prizes. When you rent a party room, you receive free tickets for the birthday girl or boy!

Chuck E. Cheese offers several party packages with the party room. When you purchase a package, you receive All You Can Play games for your guests and free collectibles. In some packages, they offer decorations, Dippin’ Dots, goody bags, pizza, and more!


Children that are a little older and don’t want to run around a bounce house or a bowling alley can benefit from a movie theater birthday party! For kids that are excited about an upcoming movie, this may be the place for them.

Many movie theaters offer party packages and rental prices. Children may be excited by the idea of renting out their own private theater room; this usually comes with group rates on movie snacks and popcorn. The downside of this is that it can get a little pricey. Depending on your local theater, you may be able to get an adequate rate.

Outside of the movie itself, some theaters have arcades and game rooms; this is a nice bonus for parties. This way your child does not feel like they sat down quietly for the entirety of their party; this is a fantastic option for older children.


Museums will vary from state to state, but all states have them! Many parents do not think of museums as a place to celebrate, but as a place to learn. Now they can be both! Many museums offer special tours and educational programs for birthday party groups.

While museums have picnic tables and indoor eating areas, it is not advised for large groups and parties. Not only is it rude for other visitors, but it’s not as fun.

You can find party room rentals in many museums that are specially designed for your benefit. Parties will receive group rates and other accommodations. Depending on your local museum, there may be an interactive segment of your tour. For children with specific niches, a museum would be a great place for a birthday.


places to have kids birthday party image 2After considering your child’s age and interests, any of these places could make a fantastic birthday party venue! For the younger ones, Chuck E. Cheese and Bounce House Party Places are the way to go! They can get out all of their wiggles, while parents can either relax or enjoy the chaos.

For the older ones, movie theaters and bowling alleys are the better options. Both choices often have game rooms to enjoy with the main attraction.

Museums are an excellent choice for children that have specific interests. For example, kids that love dinosaurs can visit the local science museum. Likewise, those that love penguins can have their party at a zoo or an aquarium.

What are the different ways to celebrate kids birthday? We hope this will help plan places to have kids birthday party!  Let us know where you are going!

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