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Bunmo Poppin Pipes

In this post we will be talking about Bunmo Poppin Pipes.

What Are sensory toys?

Sensory toys are toys that offer an interactive experience. They engage your seven senses
– sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, body awareness, and movement. All children, teens, or adults
can find benefits when using sensory toys. Sensory toys are especially beneficial to individuals
who have trouble with sensory stimuli (individuals with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing
Disorder, and more).

Sensory toys help with cognitive development, memory, multi-tasking, and hand eye
coordination. They also help with motor skill function and development.

What are Bunmo Poppin Pipes?

bunmo poppin pipes image 1Bunmo Poppin Pipes are colorful tubes that are designed specifically to engage multiple
parts of your sensory system. They are described as ‘fun and functional sensory toys that pop,
stretch, and connect making these tubes the go-to toy for play time.’ They’re vibrant in color and

There’s multiple different options when purchasing. They come in packs of 4, 8, 30. This
makes it easy for parents, students, therapists, and physical therapists to buy in bulk if they need
to! This also allows for ease of gift giving, making them fantastic stocking stuffers.

How do they work?

Bunmo Poppin Pipes provide a sensory experience for the user. The vibrant colors
engage your sight. The fun noises engage your sense of sound. The way they are interconnect
engage touch. This provides stimulation for 3 of your seven senses!

You could also engage two more senses depending on how you utilized them. If you use
them to play with others, this could engage your sense of body awareness and movement.

They come in a box that makes storage easy. You can play with just one or all of them at
the same time. You can connect them all together, make shapes, and even wear them on your
wrist if you’d like!

What is the purpose?

Bunmo Poppin Pipes were created with individuals who struggle with sensory processing
and motor skill functioning in mind. All of these things collectively involve the nervous system.

bunmo poppin pipes image 2Your sensory system is a part of your nervous system. It is tasked with deciphering your
environment and the world around you. Sometimes, a person’s sensory system might not be able
to correctly decipher this information. As a result, they can be sensory hypersensitive or
hyposensitive. When this happens, an individual may be over stimulated or under stimulated
sensory wise.

Many individuals who struggle with these difficulties have to engage certain parts of their
nervous system in order to self soothe. When our nervous system is under stimulated, it can
cause distress or anxiety. Bunmo Poppin Pipes helps alleviate this distress by providing a multi
functioning sensory experience.

What are the benefits?

Bunmo Poppin Pipes provide a fun and interactive sensory experience. This sensory toy
allows for group play and can be utilized for many different games. My six-year-old niece and I
used them like light sabers! We also connected them together and made a huge circle. It was an
activity we could do together, that we both enjoyed, despite our wide age range.

The fun sounds were super engaging. You can stretch them all the way out and then push
the ends back together, providing two different pitches of sound.

They’re also portable. If you’re feeling stressed and need them to fidget with, they can
easily be concealed inside a bag. Although, the noise benefit to them may not make them
beneficial in a quiet space.

What are the disadvantages?

It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to desire the same sensory
experiences. Being hypersensitive can cause some forms of stimulation to be overwhelming to an
individual. They may enjoy engaging their sense of sound, but dislike the sense of touch.

Bunmo Poppin Pipes would not be desirable for individuals who struggle with their sense
of sound. The sound is loud and pleasing to some, but distressing to others. If loud noises are a
trigger for you, then I would find a different sensory toy.

What do others think of them?

Bunmo Poppin Pipes holds a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

Positive Reviews

Many of the reviewers enjoyed that they were durable. They held up through multiple
play sessions and they were easy to sanitize. Reviewers also liked the functionality of them.
Many stated that their kids could wear them as belts or bracelets and that they helped fuel their
imaginative mind.

A good number of the reviewers also enjoyed the fact that they were a multifunctional
toy, which allowed for them to be played with in water.

The other positive point many made were that they were enjoyed by the whole family.
They described watching their spouses play with their kids. Teenagers were playing with
toddlers. It was a toy that everyone benefitted from to some capacity.

Negative Reviews

Many reported issues with the sharp edges. Though they contain no small pieces, if a
child were to chew on them they could result in cuts in their mouths. Other individuals stated if
two people are hitting each other with them, they can cause cuts on the face or body.

The other complaint revolved around kids or adults who played rough with sensory toys.
They stated that they could be easily crushed if you weren’t watching what you were doing.

The other important review I saw on the lower side of ratings regarded chewing. If you
have a child that likes to chew on toys, this may not be the option for you. As I stated above, the
edges are sharp, but the ends of the tubes fall off fairly easily when chewed on. This could
potentially be a choking hazard.


To sum it up, Bunmo Poppin Pipes are great for the right person! If you enjoy engaging
your sense of sound and your imagination, these are the toy for you. If you or your child is
hypersensitive to noise or likes to chew on items, then this toy may not be for you.

Bunmo Poppin Pipes appeals to all age ranges and was designed specifically with
individuals who struggled with sensory cues or motor skills in mind. Happy poppin!

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