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Montessori Toys For 4 Month old

montessori toys for 4 month old imageYour little baby is all about the playtime when they enter their fourth month. They may already be rolling, or they may start soon. They are noticing colors more, especially red and green. You may notice they are reaching for things and even beginning to pass toys from one hand to another. You’ll see your baby becoming more and more interested in interactive play in their fourth month. You may even start getting some good belly laughs from them. We have rounded up a list of 9 great Montessori toys for 4 month old to help their development and keep them engaged.


9 Montessori toys for a 4-month-old

  1. Baby playmat. A playmat isn’t exactly a toy, but it does provide a soft and safe space for your little one to move around. A playmat can prevent injuries and make tummy time a little more comfortable they just laying on a hard floor. Since tummy time is a big deal at this age, a playmat is defiantly worth a spot on the list.
  2. Floor mirror. Using a baby mirror for playtime is excellent to start using around 4 months. While your baby doesn’t understand that they are looking at themselves, they will have fun watching themselves in the mirror. Make sure you buy a mirror designed for babies and tummy time. It should be shatterproof and the right height for your little one.
  3. Soft grip ball. Around four months is a great time to introduce a soft grip ball to your baby. They are starting to reach out and grasp a hold of things intentionally, and your baby may also be starting to pass things from one hand to the other. You can buy these balls in various colors, which are great for stimulating babies’ vision as well.
  4. Introducing a rattle at this age is also a good idea, and it can help stimulate your baby’s vision with its colors and hearing when rattled. It is also great for passing back and forth between hands.
  5. Spinning drum. An excellent toy for tummy time. A spinning drum or any toy similar that will spin easily will engage your baby, and they will be reaching out for the toy. This can help develop hand and wrist strength and start to develop hand-eye coordination.
  6. Teether toys. There are so many options when it comes to toys for teething. Most, not all, but most babies will start to teeth soon. A teething toy is great for babies to learn how to bring the toy to their mouth and soothe their sore gums. It is another toy that is also great for passing back and forth between hands.
  7. Sensory balls. This is a great time to introduce sensory balls to your baby. These balls are usually made out of natural rubber and have nubby surfaces, and they are perfect for touching, tasting, exploring, and passing from one hand to the other.
  8. Crinkle toys. A crinkle toy will stimulate your baby’s sense of hearing and tactile senses as they grab and squish this toy. These are usually made with natural fabric and have crinkle paper sewed into the middle to make that satisfying crunching sound.
  9. Board books. While your baby at 4 months won’t understand what you are reading, they hear you talk and take in your words. The younger you start reading to your baby, the better. Many books are created with bright colors, and some even have sensory elements that are perfect for babies to grab and explore.

Characteristics of Montessori toys

  • The toys are simple. Your baby can easily become overstimulated, and keeping toys simple is the best way to prevent this. Montessori toys are simple toys that don’t have all the bells and whistles that overwhelm kids. Especially babies, they are just learning about the world around them, having toys with a lot of colors, sounds, and lights is too stimulating for their brains.
  • They are based on reality. Using toys based on reality will give your baby a feel for what is real instead of what is fantasy. Using a toy with a bell is a great idea, and it will teach your baby that swatting the bell will make it chime. In contrast, a toy with random buttons that light up and play music doesn’t make much sense for cause and effect.
  • They are made from natural materials. Giving your baby toys that are made out of wood and metal gives them more information about the world around them. A metal toy is cold to touch and will warm up as your baby holds, and wooden toys have all kinds of textures to explore. They both offer a taste that your baby will enjoy and be curious about as they put toys in their mouths. These toys can vary in weight as well. Plastic toys tend to be one texture, have no taste, and are usually similar weights.
  • Offers limited choices for play. This is a good thing for babies and kids of all ages. They can get overwhelmed easily, and it can be hard for them to make decisions when there are too many choices. This will take away from playtime and their full enjoyment of the toys. You can do a toy rotation as well to keep the toys exciting but limited.


Beginning to introduce Montessori toys when your baby turns 4 months is a great idea. They are little sponges and are starting to become more and more curious about the world around them. Playing with your baby is also great for their development and strengthening your bond with them.

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