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Little Tikes Swings and Little Tikes Swing Hanging Kit. 10 Benefits of Swinging

As parents, we are always looking for ways to entertain our kids. Something as simple as a swing will keep your kids engaged for hours, and there are many benefits for kids, toddlers, and babies to spend time swinging. Little Tikes have an excellent variety of swings for kids of all ages. Their products are reliable, well-built, and have been around for years. Little Tikes dominates the market of kid’s toys for a good reason. They are of excellent quality and have your kids in mind when designed.  Lets look at the swings and the Little Tikes swing hanging kit.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 snug ‘n secure grow with me swing

Little Tikes Swing ImageThis swing is perfect for babies nine months and up. The swing can hold up to 50 pounds and has an adjustable t-bar and straps to keep your baby and toddler safe. This is a bucket seat, easy to assemble, and made from sturdy plastic.

Little Tikes Swing

Little Tikes Swing 3-5 ImageA perfect swing for your 3- to 5-year-old. This swing can hold up to 100 pounds, and it is made from high-quality plastic and has been made to last.


Little Tikes swing hanging kit

Little Tikes Swing Hanging Kit Image You will need a swing hanging kit to go with whichever swing you decide to purchase. This kit is easy to install, will hold up to 2200 LBs, and is made from high-quality material.  Although Little Tikes does not make a hanging kit this is what we consider the best Little Tikes swing hanging kit.

  • The 12‘ straps are made of high grade nylon. They can withstand heat from the sun and tough winters.  We bring ours in during the winter just the same.  The straps are 2 inches wide to help prevent any damage to the tree branch they are attached to.
  • The hooks are made of tough steel for safety. It comes with two carabiner hooks and a swivel spinner if you’re installing a dish swing or tire like swing.
  • Follow the install instructions and the product should outlast the childhood swinging.

There are many kits out there but we feel this is the best Little Tikes swing hanging kit.

Now let’s look at the benefits a swing has for babies, toddlers, and kids.

10 benefits of swinging for babies, toddlers, and kids

  1. It can be soothing – If you have a fussy baby or toddler, putting them in a swing can be soothing. Swings can also help with OCD, sensor integration disorder, autism, or anxiety. Having a swing or a hammock set up for your older kids is a great way to help them relax and destress.
  2. Coordination – Learning to pump your legs while swinging generally happens between the ages of two and four. It takes a lot of work to pump your legs on the swing and a lot of coordination. They will learn to use their abdominal muscles, trunk control, and timing when to bring their legs in and when to extend them.
  3. Help to strengthen balance – The repetitive motion of swinging back and forth can help to improve your child’s balance. Swinging helps to develop the vestibular receptors and the inner ear fluid. The inner ear fluid is what signals to the brain that it is moving and where you are in space. By strengthening the connection between the ear and the brain, the sense of balance will be strengthened.
  4. Can help social development – Learning to take turns on a swing, push their friends, and teach other kids how to swing is great for developing social skills. Swings offer lots of opportunities for free play and interaction with other kids, whether at a park or at home during a play date. Playing on swings is an excellent means of developing creativity and much-needed social skills.
  5. Helps with sensory input and integration – Swinging can help the developing brain with sensory input and integration. This is how your brain organizes and interprets new information. Developing sensory integration helps create a strong foundation for more complex learning later in life.
  6. Strengthen fine motor skills– Swinging is a lot more physical than it may seem on the surface; as an adult, it seems natural. To a toddler or child, swinging involves holding on, sitting up straight, balancing using trunk control, and pumping their legs in and out. This is a lot to do at once, but it is excellent for developing motor skills.
  7. Bonding time – As a parent, there is nothing better than seeing your kids having fun and being happy. Installing a swing in your backyard or heading out to a park to swing gives you lots of time to bond with your child. Building a bond through play will is a great way to really connect with your child.
  8. Mood booster – Spending a few minutes swinging is a really great way to get your endorphins flowing, and this is a great way to break out of a bad mood. If you find your child is feeling a little on the low side, convincing them to play on the swing with you can do wonders for their mood and yours.
  9. Focus and attention – The back-and-forth motion of playing on a swing will stimulate the cerebral cortex in the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for focus and attention, and pumping your legs also helps get your blood flowing to your brain. Playing on the swing a few minutes before homework might help your child focus a little better.
  10. Spatial awareness – Having an awareness of where your body is in space is spatial awareness. There are deep receptors in our joints that send signals to our brains to let it know where we are in space, and the pumping action of swinging can activate these receptors.


Not only is swinging a lot of fun for kids, whether they are babies, toddlers, or older, there are so many benefits. Little Tikes swings are a great addition to your backyard and will provide hours of free play.

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